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The Future-Proof Farm (PDF)

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FARMERS are becoming more aware than ever how to adopt the regenerative practices that the market is demanding.

CONSUMERS are more interested than ever to know how their food was grown and to support environmentally-aware sources.

From roadside stands to global conglomerates, the entire food industry is driving a dramatic shift in operations for the headwaters of the supply chain: farms.

As a research-based farmer, international consultant, speaker and author, Steve Groff has been eyeing the trends in the industry and has transformed his own farming practices to meet the new demand.

His personal story is a stark wake-up call, fanning the flames of effective regenerative AG for farmers and consumers alike, to produce healthy, nutrient-dense food that satisfies planet-friendly practices and provides the foundations for a future-proof farm.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nick Walters
Get this book!!!

Every day we interact with newbie growers and establised farmers who are ready to grow industrial hemp. We stress the need to grow hemp using regenerative ag practices and I am using Steve's book to help me speak with some degree of credibility. For people with no farming background like me this is becoming my go-to resource.

Eric Jelinski
An Awesome Book

Steve Groff describes his learned method of farming, learned by experience.
A method of farming that is not dependent on hazardous synthetic weed and pest sprays. The reason to eliminate these sprays is because they are in the food chain and harming humans and animals.
Steve explains how weeds can be eliminated using cover crops. And also explains how soil organic matter can be improved with cover crops.
There are many types of crops that may be used as a cover with each having different strengths and attributes.
When talking about Future Proofing, Steve explains that future consumers what to know much more about how there food is grown, and be satisfied that the food is nutrient rich, and absent of harmful sprays.
Highly recommended reading equally for gardeners, small farmers and large farm operators.