About Us


We believe in “better.” Better health. Better nutrition. Better lives.

For us, that all starts on our farm. 25 years ago, we began carefully and methodically caring for our soil using innovative cover crop and no-till practices.

Today, the result is rich, healthy fields that yields nutrient-dense food and regenerative agriculture practices that are being adopted around the world.

Into those fields, CBD hemp is now growing, and the oil that we produce has deep roots in that history.  

Thank you for supporting small business, American farming, and better living.


About Steve

Lancaster, PA-native Steve Groff is a farmer, author, consultant and speaker known internationally for his work in cover-crops and no-till agriculture. 

Steve has a history of innovating and pioneering in the area of environmentally healthy farming practices. He designed the first roller-crimper in North America that makes cover cropping practical and effective.

He developed the Tillage Radish, a unique cover crop that helps infuse the soil with rich nutrients and is now recognized around the world. And he was the first commercial farmer to no-till transplant tomatoes.

Innovations like these have led him to be sought out locally in the southeast Pennsylvania region, as well as nationally and internationally as a consultant and speaker, particularly as sustainability practices are becoming a required necessity by global food supply chains.

Learn much more about Steve at SteveGroff.com

Find Steve's Book "The Future-Proof Farm" here.


Our Farm

Cedar Meadow Farm is in Holtwood, PA, just a 17 miles south of Lancaster, PA. 

It was 1935 that Steve's grandparents purchased the piece of earth that he now stewards and preserves – a legacy that the 4th generation is beginning to manage.

Steve's grandmother was an ardent follower of J.I. Rodale (now the Rodale Institute) and practiced his organic methods in her garden. They didn't make fun of her at that time . . . but neither did they support the methods she used in growing vegetables.

Steve graduated from high school and dove right into his passion for farming. In 1982, he convinced his dad that they needed to eliminate tillage so they wouldn't have ditches in their fields. These needed to be closed in order to harvest the crops in the fall.

In the mid-nineties, Steve realized that they needed to use cover crops to not only further protect their soils from erosion but to ENHANCE the fields with biological diversity.

These practices have nearly tripled their organic matter - some fields are over 6% - and they have lowered the costs of production significantly.

As a bonus, the nutrient density of what they grow has increased, benefiting those who consume our products. 

And now, the  CBD hemp they are growing in these carefully managed fields really does yield "better oil from better soil!" Other experts have seen our tests and have been amazed at the diversity of other cannabinoids in addition to CBD.

Steve recounts, "I know my grandmother would be proud if she could see what we have done to increase the soil health of this farm over the years!"

Cedar Meadow Farm is easily accessible from Harrisburg, York, Chambersburg, Wilmington, Baltimore, West Chester and Philadelphia.


Our Team 

We're a small family-based business dedicated to enriching lives through plant-based wellness. 



Steve Groff
CEO, Grower

Cheri Groff
President, Fulfillment

Megan Steinruck

Matt Steinruck
Creative & Marketing Director

David Groff
4th Generation Farmer

Naomi Groff

Hospitality, Security