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Dig your roots deep into regenerative wellness – and discover why it's truly better.

Feeling Great Shouldn't be Complicated.

Get BETTER. Experience RELIEF.

What makes our products better?

CBD hemp growing in Steve Groff's regenerative fields in Lancaster, PA

The Secret is Surprisingly Down-to-Earth.

Every body can benefit from CBD.
But not all CBD is the same.

Our products come directly from the hemp grown in our 30+ year regenerative fields.

We use time-tested, earth-friendly and future-proof farming practices that even exceed agricultural industry standards.

That yields vibrant, healthy soil that's crazy-high in nutrients.

Does that make a difference?

You bet it does./pages/book

Better Soil. Better Oil.

It's really just that simple.

The FIRST & ONLY CBD from a Regenified Farm

High Five.

Regenified™ certification is one of the best in the industry – one of only 3 recognized by Whole Foods.

We proudly hold a Tier 5 ranking, and will be the first Regenified™ CBD brand in the world.

Why it Matters.

Most customers who have tried other products say they love ours ... well, you guessed it. Better.

We believe that's because of two big factors:

  1. Single-Farm Sourced.
    Our products come directly from Steve's 30+ year regenerative farm – not multiple farms, like most CBD.
  2. From Healthy Soil.
    Our hemp digs its roots deeply into insanely healthy soil. It's alive, rich in organic matter and packed with nutrients.

liz haney, owner of soil regen

"Seriously the best I have ever used."

— Dr. Liz Haney, Owner, Soil Regen

Stop searching. You're home.

Yes. Yes, we are.

  • Regenerative Verified

Our Top 5 Questions

Is this marijuana?


Think of it this way:

Corn comes in many varieties.
Popcorn, sweet corn, feed corn, etc.
They’re all used for different purposes. 

The plant called “cannabis” also comes in different varieties, too: 

Marijuana is high in THC (the compound associated with “getting stoned”) (often 20% or higher) but low in CBD.

CBD Hemp is high in CBD, but very low in THC (legally, less than .3%).

Fiber Hemp is the variety used for industrial, textile & seed purposes. 

The plants look and smell the same. (So, no wonder it’s so confusing!)

Hemp has a long and rich history, especially in the Lancaster area! Lancaster County is great for hemp agriculture.

Who is Steve Groff?

Steve Groff is first and foremost a farmer.

But he goes much deeper. 

​As an author, thought leader, and media influencer, he's a trusted voice for regenerative agriculture and plant-based wellness.

​His dedication to soil health and passion for human health inspires him to bridge the gap between agriculture and consumers who care about the quality of their produce and products. 

Learn more about Steve at

Why are regenerative practices imporant?

"Regenerative" is a style of agriculture that "regenerates" the earth.

Through careful, constant planting of crops in every season, this "no-till" style of farming continues to infuse the soil with life with living roots in the soil year-round.

That kind of work and attention yields incredibly healthy, rich soil which, in turn, contributes to the health of all crops grown in it.

(By contrast, tillage-based methods of agriculture overturn the soil each season, destroying root systems and releasing all the healthy goodness designed to create a positive ecosystem.)

Healthy soil is not only good for produce and products – it's also one of the strongest keys to combating climate change.

The story and significance of regenerative agriculture is on the rise, and trending to even match and surpass the "Organic" label. (Note that less than 2% of organic farms are no-till, and the label refers more to what goes IN to the soil than what's produced FROM it.)

Global industries are now requiring regenerative practices as a part of their sourcing.

Why is "single-farm sourced" important?

Soil is the foundation of everything.

Most CBD brands are sourced from hemp grown on a variety of farms - and thus, multiple farming and soil health practices.

As a result, you're never quite sure what's in the bottle.

Every bottle we sell comes directly from the hemp grown in our 30+ year regenerative fields.

Steve's consistent research-based care and attention to no-till and cover crop practices are unmatched, and it makes a difference.

Where can I learn more?

You can view our much more extensive FAQ here.

You can also read our Educated Consumers blog here.

We also have great and informative videos on our YouTube channel.

(Ok, you're right. That's 6 questions.)

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