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The Future-Proof Farm, a book by author and farmer Steve Groff, reveals Steve's personal story as well as why soil health and regenerative agriculture practices are so important to the food we buy and the future of farming.

Grounded in Goodness.

Our fields have been preparing for this for a long time.

Our philosophy of farming is rooted in the most environmentally-friendly methods of promoting soil health. The regenerative practices we've been using for over 25 years have resulted in rich, healthy fields that yield nutrient-dense produce and CBD hemp.

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I think I realize this morning that I haven’t had a good nights sleep in over a month. Amazing – no anxiety and slept like the dead! Feel great this morning. Thank you!!

Matt S.

"No pain! I haven't been able to knit and after using Cedar Meadow Farm CBD oil, I can knit again!"


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"Your CBD oil has changed my life! I used to suffer from chronic migraines. No words can express the relief i finally have, with no side effects!"


"We give her CBD oil every day and my 11-year-old dog acts like a puppy!"


"This has worked better than fish oil for our 9-year old dog's joint pain. Thanks for this awesome product!"

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