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Jennifer King
Miracle in a Bottle

I have been using Cedar Meadow products for the past 8 months now.
I only have wonderful things to say about this company and their products.
I appreciate the quality of product they produce thanks to their "smart soil" the smarter the soil the better the products!
Their customer service is impeccable! Megan has been a wealth of information and her joy in teaching about CBD is infectious as well as her beautiful spirit.
I feel good about using a natural product to help alleviate discomforts with out chemicals.
I have had quite a few friends find relief for themselves and their dogs with Cedar Meadow Farms products.

Great product & service

Product works well. Easy to use and feel better when I use it. Loved the multi bottle discount.

Wonder cream

I have never had a product work this fast, as soon as I apply to a sore body part the pain is gone.

Great product

This full spectrum CBD oil works wonders for relaxation and sleeping. Taste great also.

Ozark Grandma
Wonderful Product

RELIEF salve is a great product that has helped my knee pain. The lotion was so beneficial when my husband had a back injury earlier this year. Ordering online is so easy and very prompt delivery.

Share Relief

When seeking relief for my achy hands, stiff joints and dry skin I decided to give this lotion a try. This was my first CBD product and I’m impressed with the true relief it provides. I also love the scent and feel of the lotion so much that I bought the travel sizes as gifts for family.


Works great when you need to sleep, High quality product w/quick shipping looking forward to my next purchase.

Best CBD oil for sleeping

From what I tried, there is not even a close second. This full spectrum natural flavor is by far the most effective when it comes to falling asleep for me

Happy Days

The oil has greatly helped my fairly mild Parkinson tremor and I sleep better too. I think that it has helped me to exercise better too!

Handy Travel Size

I have used Cedar Meadow Farms CBD products for 6 months. The company is friendly, quick shipping and the website is very easy to use. I have ordered several 8 oz. bottles for use at home. This new travel size will allow me to carry the product with me to help me relive my conditions during the day. I have tried many different brands of CBD products, most provide some relief but this companies products provides me with the best relief for my condition. I am a farmer in South Dakota and on my farm I also concentrate on soil health. Steve from Cedar Meadow Farms produce top quality products from top quality soil. I recommend there products to anyone suffering from pain.


I periodically have severe shoulder pain that prevents me from using my right arm and sleeping normally for months because of the pain.

Out of desperation, and in great pain from muscle spasms, I tried this in the middle of the night and was able to sleep immediately and woke up with much more range of motion and far less pain.

I think it reduced the inflammation that usually takes months of physical therapy to counteract.

I took another small dose the next night and now my shoulder feels almost 100 percent better! And I slept through the night 2 nights in a row. Amazing!

Thank you, Cedar Meadow. Your family and company have a great reputation in the community and I trust your brand.

My relief comes with me

Prior to using CBD Relief Lotion from Cedar Meadow Farm, I had tried a number of other CBD products; some oral, and some topical. They all gave me a bit of relief; however, upon the first use of CBD Relief Lotion, the results were far more dramatic. The level of pain in my injured ankle decreased significantly, thus increasing my sense of well-being. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing pain, particularly for a long period of time as I have.

David Burkholder
Not just a bit of relief with this one!

Prior to using CBD Relief Lotion from Cedar Meadow Farm, I had tried a number of other CBD products; some oral, and some topical. They all gave me a bit of relief; however, upon the first use of CBD Relief Lotion, the results were far more dramatic. The level of pain in my injured ankle decreased significantly, thus increasing my sense of well-being. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing pain, particularly for a long period of time as I have.

Alec Lipscomb
Third bottle I’ve ordered

I believe this is the best CBD product I’ve tried. Have 3 other brands on hand but Relief equals the effect I got with THC salve purchased in CO.

Here’s what I continue to love about Relief 1200 mg:

•. Fast action
• Absorbs quickly and completely- nothing oily left on the skin
• Relief without side effects - I don’t worry about kidney damage like I did when taking high dose Ibuprofen (don’t care what you say FDA, stop censoring those wishing to tell the truth)
• Generous amount of the product for price. Paid just a little less for 2 oz. of a 750 mg CBD cream !
• I continue to appreciate the way the ingredients are grown at Cedar Meadow Farm. No worries about toxins or other harmful things.

Only the best for Nova

We all LOVE our pets and want the best for them in every sense of the word. For Nova my 7 year old black Labrador this includes Cedar Meadow Farms Pet Products.
Nova "tweeked" her left front foot while playing with her other service dogs in training friends at United Disabilities Services Dog Program. Of course our first stop was to her vet to make sure there was not a more serious issue other then a "sprain". Her vet put her on an anti-inflammatory to ease her discomfort. After 2 days of being on it I thought I really wanted a chemical free holistic option for her and contacted Megan at Cedar Meadow Farm.
Nova LOVES the bacon flavor, it truly helped not only her with her discomfort but me as well knowing I was giving her a healthy, natural pain relief. Thank you Cedar Meadow for creating a high quality product.
Nova sends you kisses and tail wags


Cedar Meadow Farm was so helpful and prompt. The hemp oil helped with Rosie’s appetite and comfort during advance liver disease. I only wish I had started earlier. Unfortunately due to the late stage disease we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Rosie. I would definitely recommend this company and product over and over again. Thank you Cedar Meadow Farm for being there for my beautiful girl Rosie.❤️

Grandmom is Happy!

Cedar Meadow Farm has been a lifesaver for my grandmother. She has severe aches and pains in her knees and the Releif Menthol+ has been a lifesaver. She can now garden and engage in activities that were once very hard to endure. Thank you Farmer Steve and the whole crew for offering local to PA CBD product line. Support Local Farmers!

LuAnn Davis-Jindela
Works well

It works well!

CBD Oil - Natural Flavor
LuAnn Davis-Jindela
Loved it!!

Loved it!!


Good stuff!

This CBD salve is thicker than a lotion, but still applies very smoothly. It has a great scent, and it seems to help my cramping muscles stay relaxed a bit longer than they otherwise would. Great stuff, as mentioned, and I would recommend it.

CBD Oil 1500mg

Very good product...

Nine reasons why I LOVE IT!

Wanted to go ahead and let you know my experience with Relief Lotion 1200mg.

I LOVE it!

I have tried several topical products (3CBD and 1 THC) and I have to say this rivals the THC salve I used in 2021. I have been unable to get more of the THC product and have been looking for something to replace it. The Relief 1200mg is it!

Let me tell you what I really like about your product:

1. Lotion form – very clean, absorbs quickly, nothing greasy on skin after application.
2. Really like the way it smells. Not overpowering. Just enough scent from the essential oils.
3. Pump bottle – very convenient for applying with one hand not needing to replace a cap or lid.
4. Large size – 8 oz is very generous and I’m using it at a rapid pace. I really appreciate knowing I don’t have to ration the product because of cost. And thanks for leaving that little bit of space between the ends of the label so I can how much product is left 😊
5. I LOVE knowing how the hemp is grown and the farming practices applied to the land/soil. This is important to me and I appreciate the fact you know it produces a superior product while protecting the soil.
6. I welcome the opportunity to support American farmers. I have been a dairy farmer’s wife in the past and have now transitioned to being an organic gardener growing vegetables using “no till” methods.
7. I appreciate having a good option for pain relief other than Ibuprofen. I was worried about the health of my kidneys knowing I have not found a good solution to muscle pain yet. I don’t worry about side effects from Relief!
8. I am a holistic nurse so I know the value of this product.
9. The price is very reasonable. Thank you!

Having said all this, I’m ordering more today not because I’m out of Relief but because I want a spare bottle on hand.


Works great!! I have the larger size for home. I got the smaller size for travel.

CBD natural flavor

Hello There!! Have not been using very long but definitely like this oil. I like the info about the ground and soil. That's good to know that we're getting a clean CBD oil. Great Company . Thank You . Glad I found you .

Get this book!!!

Every day we interact with newbie growers and establised farmers who are ready to grow industrial hemp. We stress the need to grow hemp using regenerative ag practices and I am using Steve's book to help me speak with some degree of credibility. For people with no farming background like me this is becoming my go-to resource.