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My OTTB loves these. I started incorporating them into his daily feedings to support gut health, pain relief, and overall well-being.
Definitely would recommend!!

Wow! Amazing!

I suffer from issues with sleeping, not being able to sleep all night and not waking up feeling refreshed. I started taking Cedar Meadow CBD oil and I was blown away! I have been taking it for a week and I already feel a difference in my sleeping. I am not awake nearly as much throughout the night and I wake up feeling refreshed and energized. It is amazing the difference I have seen in a short period of time. I am anxious to see how my overall body feels after a few more weeks!

CBD Oil - Natural Flavor
Fernanda Gordillo
Amazing product

The product is high quality 👌. I'm very pleased with the end results

So glad I took a chance on this product

I have chronic low back, neuromuscular and sciatic issues, as well as shoulder/neck/tension headaches. Never had any luck with the CBD balms and salves I purchased in my local drugstore. A friend recommended Cedar Meadow products, as she uses them on herself and her animals. I bought the travel lotion as an experiment, and the first day felt positive results. It almost works too well, as new places in my body are acting up as I am getting relief in original problem areas. Great product!

Carol Wickenheiser

I have significant pain in my foot. After trying many options to ease the pain, nothing worked. A coworker mentioned the cbd lotion. The next day I messaged Cedar Meadow Farm on facebook, talked to Megan and within 30 minutes I had the Relief lotion in my hands! Went home and rubbed it on my foot and felt instant relief! It really works with easing the pain and taking the tiredness out of my feet after a long shift of waitressing! This is now part of my daily routine and I love the fact that I don't have to take any oral pain medicine (that messes with my stomach). I love it and finally got my life back!

I discovered this product at the Pennsylvania farm show. I was familiar with cbd for dogs since it gave my Marley 1.5 years of extra time with us. The vet said there was no more he could do and to have him put down. Marley had cancer. It helped his body pain and appetite. I started my other dog on this product to help with some achy legs he gets. Also, he is a very picky eater and he has no problem with the flavor of this product.
Thanks for all you do!

Stickers for the win!

Haha, the sticker is cute! My son loves stickers, so just one to add to his collection!

CBD oil for joint pain.

My knees and hip joints no longer ache.

Relief lotion 1200mg

Love this stuff! It really works on my neck and back soreness.

Cedar Meadows Farm CBD oil

I frequently have nights when sleep seems impossible. I tried the CBD oil and I almost immediately feel the effects and fall asleep quickly. Best part is there are no morning side effects that come with most sleep aids. I have also used the oil on an injury from a fall. I was surprised how quickly the bruise healed and I was able to get back to my normal routine. The oil really made a difference!

Annie’s story

Annie started having anxiety in the evenings, much like sundowners. After starting her on your CBD oil, she’s calmer with less anxiety. It’s been over three months & it has improved her mood.

Relief hemp lotion

So glad I found this product. Have used it for different aches and sorness works very well.

I love the cbd oil it relieved my really bad migraine and I also bought the lotion and used it for my back pain and it took the pain away faster then anything else I have tried.

Great taste and it definitely works!!

This is a great option for having to avoid any possibility of tiny amounts of THC that may be naturally present in full-spectrum oils. The wintergreen taste is great, and this oil absolutely delivers in terms of the best of what CBD is known for: help with sleep difficulties, and able to help self-regulate and relax when you're under a lot of stress. Try it!!!

Best Oil Ever!

I have used CBD oil for several years. I fell in love with Cedar Meadow Farm oil there first time I ordered. Their oil is better than any oil I’ve used before. The quality of the oil is superb. And it goes on so.smoothly. All that’s great but it really helps with the pain. I have both knee pain and back pain. I can put on the hemp relief oil and within a few minutes the soothing, penetrating relief begins and I’m able to continue what I was doing. I won’t be going anywhere else!

Krista Yoder
Love this lotion!

Very soothing, cooling lotion that helps with any aches!

Very good CBD!

We love it! Subtle flavor, not unpleasant at all!

Excellent balm for my joints

I've been using CBD products for a few years. My daughter recommended Cedar Meadow, so I tried it. I really like it more than others I have used. I'll definitely be getting this again ... and again.

Kyleen Stoebenau
Pain Relief

Relief has really helped my knee pain and stiff neck and shoulder pain. It smells of citrus and feels great, not greasy. I highly recommend and will definitely purchase again. Thank you!

Jane Bellmyer
Love this stuff

Knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, you just rub this in really well and the pain just stops. Whether from garden or yard work or fibro flares Cedar Meadow Hemp salve to the rescue. Next time I am getting a bigger jar. Now I need to figure out how to get it on my lower back…any ideas?

Bryan Anderson
Nerve-based pain relief

I am 56 years old and farm in SD and I'm our county Emergency Manager. I have had nerve-based pain in my feet and hands for over 10 years from exposure to solvents in my former occupation as a service technician. I take several types of pain killers but they do not take away all of the symptoms. I have tried several brands of CBD oils and creams in the past two years. Cedar Meadow Farm CBD products have the best pain relief that I have found. I practice soil health on my land and it is my believe Steve's way of farming produces better quality Hemp Plants because of superior soil health.

Rachel Patton

Love this lotion - it smells great, works even better!
Fast shipping too!

Fantastic Product

Works well and the horses love them. I plan to keep these on hand at all times.

5 star CBD Lotion

I am usually pretty hesitant to buy CBD anything because there are so many companies out there that aren’t transparent about the ingredients or their processes.

That is not the case with Cedar Meadows.
Also reading that Cedar Meadow is local.. not just US... but practically in my back yard... I was intrigued.

The lotion is thick and creamy smells fantastic... goes on smoothly and soaks in quickly. Easing any pain with in minutes. I used it lightly at first only putting it right on the pain point... however I found I benefited even more when I lathered my entire upper leg. The cooling is invigorating... yet not overwhelming - almost calming.

I love this stuff!!! And it's packaged with care ❤

The Peewee Sampler Pack CBD-oil

After my cat was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to purchase some CBD oil for her. The veterinarian said it sure wouldn't hurt her. My wife and I just can't afford and quite frankly the veterinarian also said, in her consoletation that more surgery would most likely be really hard for our cat to go through. So Cedar Meadow Farm has these samples at a very affordable price. I don't expect that it will cure the cancer, but I am hoping that it will help inflammation or pain in her body. After watching and reading about the soil the hemp is grown in. I believe it must be the best product.