Our Regenified Certification

The adoption and use of regenerative agriculture is surging. Overall, that is a dramatically positive thing in all facets of life. The quality of produce and products gets better. Our health gets better, and our planet's well-being is served. 

The biggest problem: How do you define "regenerative?"

What EXACTLY is regenerative agriculture? What are the key metrics? How do you measure them? What and Who qualifies, and how will the consumer know?

In short: What are the standards that the whole supply chain will adopt in the race to on-board regeneratively-sourced food and material?


Regenified logo


Regenified Certification has become one of those gold standards.

Rooted in the work led by Gabe Brown and Dr. Allen Williams — veterans in the regenerative industry — Regenified is creating the highest standard of quality farming and ranching practices.

They have developed the "6-3-4 Verification Standard." This system creates consistency and protocols to track progress that is designed to heal agricultural systems.


As an example of the weight of this verification: 

Whole Foods, who has a strong commitment to regenerative practices, official recognizes only 3 regenerative labels in their ecosystem. 

Regenified is one of them.


Steve Groff displaying the Regenified-Certified soil under his 2023 crop of fiber hemp.

Regenified & Cedar Meadow Farm

Steve Groff's Cedar Meadow Farm is ranked with a Tier 5 Certification with Regenified – the highest possible verification. The soil health in his fields is among the best observed within the rigorous testing and evaluation process in 2023. 

This continues to deepen the roots in our brand promise, that our single farm-sourced products are superior due largely to the OFFICIAL regenerative practices that have been in place for over 30 years.

Learn more about Regenfied and their verification standards here.

Regenfied Certificate for Cedar Meadow Farm