Soiling Your Undies for Soil Health!

Soiling Your Undies for Soil Health!

Soil is the foundation of everything. We've built our entire brand story on the importance of soil health, and if you've spent two minutes on our site, you know how long and hard Farmer Steve has worked to cultivate incredibly rich soil. 

But how about you? How can you find out the health of your soil?

Now, there's a fun and easy way to tell!

This past summer, we helped the Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition kick off the Soil Your Undies Challenge.

The idea is simple: Bury a pair of cotton undies. 

Why? Cotton is made of carbon, so it's actually FOOD for microorganisms and fungi that live in healthy soil. If your soil is full of this kind of natural life, your cotton undies will disappear after just a couple months as it becomes a literal feast for those microscopic critters. 

PA Soil Health worked in connection with Stroud Water Research Center, NRCS and other organization to host the virtual event. Hundreds of people from all over the country signed up to participate and found a wide variety of results. 

Training and blogs on their site helped inform participants about how to improve their soil health! 

We were thrilled to be involved. Steve buried 3 pairs of cotton undies in 3 different fields representing different farming practices and levels of soil health. 

Watch the kick-off here, then check out the dig-up video to see the results!



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