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"No Pain! I haven't been able to knit and after using Cedar Meadow Farm CBD oil, I can knit again!"

— Janet


"I've suffered from chronic back pain and have tried everything. Your oil was the first good night's sleep I've had in over 10 years." 



"Our dog is naturally nervous and on-edge. This has been a God-send during fireworks and thunderstorms to keep her calm."



The CBD oil from Cedar Meadow Farms has really changed my life. I was suffering from chronic migraines 25-28 days a month. I was offered a drug that would take them away but the cost was outrageous and i was just not able to afford it. I had a sample of their CBD oil and gave it try. I stararted with a 1/4 dropper and immediately had some relief. But wasn't getting the results i had hoped for. So i upped the dosage to 1/2 of a dropper and my migraines dropped to about 4 a month. No side effects all natural and totally affordable. No words can express the relief i finally have. Not only that but i found that it helps during extemely stressful times in my job, just helping to keep me calm. I was diagnosed and treated for Lymes and lingering side effects in my joints. The CBD has also helped get me to the point of being able to kneel and be able to run with my grandkids. If you have ever thought about using it you have to give Cedar Meadow Farms CBD oil a try. I have tried other CBD oils with no results. It has truly been life saving.



"Best sleep I've had in years! Thank you!"



"We give her CBD oil every day and my 11-year-old dog acts like a puppy!"