Did you know that soil has an amazing scent? 

Especially rich, healthy, nutrient-dense soil that's been cultivated for over a quarter-century. 

Farmers know it. 

The smell of good soil is satisfying, calming and fulfilling, the evidence of a job well done. 



If you know this scent at all, you've died and gone to heaven already.

The CBD hemp grown on our fields is a sensory treat in every way. When the soil as rich as ours, you can only imagine what springs to life above the surface. 



Don't you wish you could scratch-and-sniff your screen right about now? 

We do, too. 

Why not do the next best thing?

Stop by the farm to meet us, see where your Hemp Extract comes from and experience the sights, textures and scents that make it happen. 


Schedule a Visit.