Care-to-Share Pilot Referral Program

We want to make it easy AND profitable for you to share our products with your friends and family! 

Step 1: We’ll give you two discount coupon codes, one for you and one to share.

Step 2: Give your Friends-and-Family code to anyone you think would love our products. They’ll get 20% off their entire purchase!

Step 3: For every time they use their code, you earn your own 20% off coupon! (We’ll track it all for you.)

 Depending on how often your code is used, you’ll continue to earn discounts, free products, BOGO offers and more.


We appreciate your support of our "Care to Share" program. We love our fans, and we’re so grateful to have you on board, please keep the feedback and ideas coming so we can keep making our products and services better for you and all of our customers!


Ready to go? Let us know!