2022 Christmas Newsletter

Hey! Thanks for dropping by. 
We're so glad you enjoyed our Christmas Card. 

Here's a few highlights from our year:


Steve & Cheri's family continues to grow! They started this year with 4 grandkids. They'll end 2022 with 6, and number 7 is on the way in 2023! 

David does most of the field work at Cedar Meadow Farm, while Naomi is a dedicated homemaker. Together they manage a small flock of sheep and some chickens and ducks. 

Cheri is loving her role as a VERY busy grandma. She's actively staying on top of fulfilling ALL of the orders you place with us!

Steve enjoyed a very busy and prosperous summer season on the farm. The weather was conducive to growing great crops, including CBD hemp. 



Matt & Megan's son Gabriel turned 9 this year and is loving 3rd grade in Lancaster. He's a very active kiddo who just finished his first year of playing soccer and already looking forward to the spring season!

Megan continues to deepen her role at Cedar Meadow Farm, strengthening the back-end structure of the business.

Matt operates his independent creative agency, Big Picture Studio, offering brand expertise and creative services for businesses, including all of the marketing for Cedar Meadow Farm.



It's been an exciting year for us as we've continued to find new ways to grow our business in this challenging CBD industry.

Here are a few highlights:

  • We were PUBLISHED in FIG Lancaster's high-end print catalog with local entrepreneurs & culture-makers. (Page 55! and here online!)

  • We PARTNERED with Universal Athletic Club, Lancaster's premier health & workout facility.

  • We JOINED with Natural  Awakenings in Lancaster, a very popular publication and website highlighting healthy living, sustainable and regenerative businesses and products. 


That's a photo of one of the CBD hemp plants for the Penn State research study.

Oh, along with that, we also planted a 5-acre field of fiber hemp that grew to 15' tall!

We shot an awesome "oddly satisfying" video when we mowed it that gained global notoriety . . .

PLUS, Farmer Steve is now part of two incredible grants studying the planting of hemp using climate-wise methods that benefit the soil AND the wider global ecology.
These research opportunities will be used to train others on how to do this effectively.


Well, Grizzly's just awesome and continues to be our happy-go-lucky farm dog and mascot. 

We continue to be SO grateful every day to you, as part of our Cedar Meadow Farm community and family. We are thrilled that we get to serve you. We love that you're loving our products and message and hope that you're able to share them with others!

If you ever have questions or idea of how we can serve you better, please never hesitate to let us know!

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and blessed New Year!

Steve, Cheri, Matt & Megan
Cedar Meadow Farm