About Our Soil



The story of your CBD oil always begins in the soil in which the hemp is grown. 

And that story begins with "cover crops."  Very simply, cover crops are specific crops that we plant in the off-season on the very same fields where we grow our cash-crops (gourds, pumpkins, tomatoes . . . and hemp.)

These cover crops provide a "cover" during the winter and spring seasons to protect our fields. The living roots that dig into the soil year-round infuse it with nutrients, replacing what was removed during harvest. The roots also create healthy soil that's resistant to run-off during rain, protecting the surrounding water shed and providing immensely better water far down-steam. 

This is all done in place of traditional tilling, which simply turns the soil over with no added or long-term benefit. No-till farming is much more work, but the long-term benefit is enormous. 

After 30+ years of cover-cropping, the fields into which your CBD hemp is planted help grow better, more nutrient-rich plants. 

Don't believe us?


Studies showed that hemp planted in Chernobyl helped to remediate the soil, extracting heavy metals found there since the 1990s. 

If this super-plant is able to "ingest" this kind of material from the soil, imagine what it's gleaning from our nutrient-rich soil that's benefited from cover-cropping!



The photo above shows one of our fields with the cover-crop rolled down and crimped (sometimes that cover is 3-4" thick!), and a new row of soil ready for planting. 

That's where it all begins. That's where the benefits of your amazing oil start to grow. 


Read the results of an independent analysis of our soil from the PA Association of Sustainable Agriculture. These incredible numbers are the 2019 published report from the 2018 study. Just imagine what they are now!