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A Truly Unique Story

The Hemp Oil Extract industry is crowded and noisy. It’s a world where unique stories are hard to find, making it difficult to stand out.

Fortunately – our story is strong (giving you a great value proposition to talk about!)

Better Soil, Better Oil. It’s really that simple.

The quality of the soil in which our hemp is grown is far-and-away better than nearly every other farm, even organic farms! And we have the 25+ year science and research to back it up.

Farmer Steve and Grizzly have made it easy to tell the story and sell our whole line of products.

A Growing Line of Amazing Products

We’ve launched with a suite of amazing Hemp Oil Extracts, including flavors and dosing for pets and equine. Our Small-Batch Homemade Equine Brownies are an awesome new addition, and we have more exciting products on the way, so it’s the perfect time to jump on board.

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Grown with Care. Crafted to Perfection.

As part of the American farming tradition and heritage, we take great pride in everything we do. Our fields are never tilled and always covered, yielding the most nutrient-dense soil you can find on the planet. So, when a plant like hemp that draws up everything from the soil is grown in that earth, it’s going to be the best possible product available.

We are also single-farm sourced, which means that the oil we sell comes directly from the plants on our farm. There are very few CBD companies that are vertically integrated. Most are sourced from a variety of farms with a variety of soil health practices – so you’re never quite sure what’s in the bottle.

The oil produced from our plants never travels more than 40 miles from our farm, giving you confidence in the quality and care that we take from our soil to your oil.

What People Are Saying...

“I’ve had serious chronic pain in my back for over a decade and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years. I’ve tried several things that haven’t worked well. I know it sounds cliche, but after taking your oil just once, I slept like the dead all night! It’s seriously amazing. I am definitely a fan.”

“Our dog Toby is older and has started to show signs of decline. He hasn’t been able to get up easily or walk for a couple months now, and we were starting to talk about helping him end his life easily. We tried your oil to help him walk a little easier, and suddenly he’s bounding around like a puppy! We can’t believe it!”

“Your oil really works! We had a horse who was nearly undrivable. After mixing your oil with his mineral blend, we could actually drive him again! Highly recommended!”

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