Cedar Meadow Farm's Adventure Garden

Something new is springing up at Cedar Meadow Farm!


Welcome to the 2021 Cedar Meadow Farm Adventure Garden! 

We're preparing some exciting new things on the farm to last all summer and into the fall!

In our high tunnels, we've planted over 120 different varieties of vegetables, flowers and cover crops together! From this rich mix of growth, we're able to offer a harvest directly to you!

We already know that the nutrients, biomatter, microorganisms (and earthworms!) in our soil form a rich symbiotic mix that is good for everything growing from it.

And now, we’re allowing these various species of plants to intermix and cooperate for an incredible variety of life in this patch of earth...exactly how nature is designed to function.


For years, we’ve grown crops that have gone to supermarkets that you know and love. You’ve probably purchased some our nutrient-dense vegetables in the past! 

Now, for the first time in 2021, we’re making all of these produce, herbs and flowers available to you directly – no middle-man – straight from our farm to your table.


We know that there are many CSA-model farm-to-table organizations for you to choose from this year.

But we’re sure that very few of them can offer single-farm sourced produce grown in some of the best never-tilled soil on the planet … (not to mention the symbiotic impact of being connected to over 120 species of other living roots!) 


Sunflowers and wildflowers are now available for local pickup and delivery! Come by the farm, or contact us with questions! Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information. 




We've already planted the area's first-ever HEMP MAZE! Combine that with sunflowers and our incredible pumpkin patch, and it's sure to be a fantastic fall!



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