About Our Oil

The first batch of crude distillate extracted from our CBD hemp.

Putting the "See" in CBD.

Do you know what's in the Hemp Extract that you currently use?

More importantly, do you know what's NOT in it?

Even we were surprised to find that some brands available today don't have nearly the amount of CBD in the oil as what's advertised on the label.

And some don't have any at all!


What about the COA?

Often times, the Certificate of Analysis that's required to ride along with your CBD product only shows the CBD level 15-30 days before the hemp plant is harvested, NOT when the oil is extracted (which is sometimes long after harvest.)


Our oil is different.

We offer crystal-clear authenticity. Our third-party COA shows what’s in the bottle when your oil is produced for transparency & assurance (not just another regulatory tick-box.)

You can know with full certainty that the product in your hands has started and ended with the highest possible quality at every step along the way.

Feel confident in what you consume.

How Many Farms are In Your Oil?

Did you know that the majority of Hemp Extracts on the market today are a combination of harvests from various farms? This merges so many different soil practices and growing methodologies into one space for an unknown X-factor in the end result of your product. 


Our oil is different. 

Cedar Meadow Farm products are all derived directly from CBD hemp grown directly in our own nutrient-rich fields.