About Grizzly

Grizzly is our amazing farm dog. He turned 6 in October 2021, and LOVES his life on the farm. 

He's a mix of Blue Heeler, German Shepherd & Border Collie. His strong Blue Heeler qualities are his biggest strength AND biggest weakness! He "heels"very well. He stays VERY close - sometimes too close to tractors and equipment as they zip around the farm. He's always at the center of the action!


His favorite thing to do is jump on the back of the 4-wheeler and roar across the fields. 


He loves riding in the tractor, too; helping to plant, harvest or roll cover crops. From here, he also watches for rabbits to chase. 

His "cut tongue" is one of his most distinctive features. We're not sure when or how it got cut - probably in a fight with another animal in his early years. But now, it's just a cool battle scar. 


Grizzly is loyal to his family. He's affectionate and loves scratches. He's super smart and is very in-tune to his environment, but he has some funny quirks too, like carrying his food bowl outside and lying down to eat. 


When you visit the farm to see where your CBD products come from, you're sure to meet Grizzly! He's looking forward to seeing you.