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The Future-Proof Farm by Steve Groff

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Discover why our food and farms are at a cross-road based on farming methods and trends.

FARMERS are becoming more aware than ever how to adopt the regenerative practices that the market is demanding.
CONSUMERS are more interested than ever to know how their food was grown and to support environmentally-aware sources.

From roadside stands to global conglomerates, the entire food industry is driving a dramatic shift in operations for the headwaters of the supply chain: farms.

As a research-based farmer, international consultant, speaker and author, Steve Groff from Holtwood near Lancaster, PA has been eyeing the trends in the industry and has transformed his own farming practices to meet the new demand.

His personal story is a stark wake-up call, fanning the flames of effective regenerative agriculture for farmers and consumers alike, to produce healthy, nutrient-dense food that satisfies planet-friendly practices and provides the foundations for a future-proof farm.


Learn more about the book:
Watch a video by the author, download a free chapter and read the foreward by the Director of Sustainability at Wrangler, Roain Atwood.

The Future-Proof Farm by Steve Groff

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Snavely
Curtain Call (call for another from Steve!)

Steve Groff is a true pioneer and an incredible farmer. I've had the pleasure of previewing The Future-Proof Farm prior to its publication and I couldn't wait for the book to be published. Perhaps most importantly, Steve is an incredible human being and a role model for all young farmers who are looking to farm in Nature's image. What's left to say other than "Steve, when is your next book coming out?"

melissa kichler
Can’t wait to dig in!

Thank you for the book. I just picked it up at the post office today. I’m looking forward to reading it as soon as possible. I agree with you, the soil is definitely meant to be used for some great cover/plant production and rhizosphere creation. I am scheduled to attend the conservation tillers conference at Ohio northern university with my coworkers from USDA natural resources conservation service. Look for me there and maybe I’ll have more of a review.

Hector Troyer
Must read

Steve is the voice of reason in an increasingly polarized world. The future is coming and Farmers can either embrace it and thrive or be crushed by their own unwillingness to change. A must read for every conventional Farmer.

Valerie Escoffery
The Mindset of Repair, Restore, Regenerate in a Changing World

As a woman of African Descent, coming from a land base culture, living in Central New York; I "know" having been involved in the start of a Youth Farm Stand Project in Central NY, the soil is the most delicate yet resilient life giving property on this planet. The strategies and techniques given by Steve Groff, drive home the full effect of bringing about the immediate restoration and remediation of the land. We would love to work with Steve Groff-Cedar Farms in assisting our efforts to Repair, Restore and Regenerate the land towards a more productive today and tomorrow for generations to come.

Clinton H
Enjoyable Read

If you have ever watched or listened to Steve, he offers a very practical approach to farming. His book provides the same practicality. I enjoyed learning more about Steve's regenerative practices, the benefits of getting away from conventional farming, and how he markets. Steve has been a legitimate pioneer in how he farms, from cover crops to roller crimping. I found the book to be enlightening.