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Regenerative Ag Isn't Just a Better Way to Farm.

These earth-friendly practices yield quality produce and products that also impact your overall well-being.

Steve Groff has been a leader in the regenerative and soil health movement for over 25 years.

Today, you get to reap the benefits.  

Good health grows from better soil.

The nutrient-rich soil at Cedar Meadow Farm has been fine-tuned and cultivated for over 25 years.

And that makes all the difference in your new favorite CBD products.

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Deep Roots.

The Secret of Better CBD.


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CBD Oil - Natural Flavor
Save 14%

CBD Oil - Natural Flavor

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THC-Free CBD Oil - Wintergreen Flavor
Save 13%

THC-Free CBD Oil - Wintergreen Flavor

$137.95 Regular price $158.95

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$64.95 Regular price $74.95

CBD Oil for Pets - Bacon Flavor
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CBD Oil for Pets - Bacon Flavor

$64.95 Regular price $74.95

CBD Oil - Peppermint Flavor
Save 14%

CBD Oil - Peppermint Flavor

$119.95 Regular price $139.95

Better Soil. Better Oil.

CBD Products from Lancaster, PA

Single-Farm Sourced.

Rooted in Healthy Soil.

Better-Than-Organic Practices.

Third-Party Tested.

Why CBD?

Hemp Oil Extract (including CBD) is a natural way to support and maintain your body's processes & responses.

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Steve Groff should know.
He wrote the book on it.

Do you love what you eat?
It might not last forever. 

Protect your food . . . and those who grow it. Gain valuable insights through the eyes a farmer with a rich history and a unique perspective on the future of agriculture, food production and soil health.


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Over 25 Years of Trust

Farmer Steve Groff is one of regenerative agriculture's original innovators and valued voices.

Learn more about Steve's story (and Grizzly!)

A Better Way to Enjoy Good Health.

Discover CBD Rooted in Rengenerative Agriculture.

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